Defective AMD 4200+ X2 CPU ?? - Catastrophically Overheating

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Note: The Boxed Retail AMD processor looked OK from the outside, but the
green packing material housing the fan and heat sink was badly mangled and
almost disintegrated. The CPU itself was secure in it plastic cover.
Although I am not overclocking my system, this group seemed like a good
place to post this ?

I built a lightly loaded system with the following:

AMD 4200+ X2
Asus A8V Deluxe Motherboard
Antec P180 case w/3 case fans
Zalman 7700 Fan/Heatsink
500 Watt Power Supply (Xion)
400 mb WD 7200 rpm drive
1 mb of DDR ram running at standard speed

At idle w/nothing going on the CPU is at 45c. The CPU is overheating wildly
when certain CPU intensive programs start to run. Simply loading the Yahoo
Music engine causes the Asus temperature probe to register a rapid jump from
45c to 80c - it is a hockey stick like curve and unless the program is
terminated, it will cause the PC to shut off. Terminating the program causes
the CPU to fall back to 45c.
I just started using the system, so I have not run that many programs, but
several install programs
have hung and at this point I would like to troubleshoot the problem. I
maxed out the speed on the Zalman fan on the heat sink which is adjustable
and the problem noted above occurs regardless.

Do I have a bad CPU? Is is possible it was damaged in transit?
Is there a possible issue w/the mounting of the heat sink (not enough
thermal grease)?
Is there an issue w/the motherboard?
Is there an issue /w voltage or memory?
How should I proceed?

I would appreciate any help you can provide.

Re: Defective AMD 4200+ X2 CPU ?? - Catastrophically Overheating

Make sure your heatsink is properly placed on the cpu and if it is, I would
return your cpu and get another. Hopefully you bought it locally.

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