Crucial Ballistix Memory Issues

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Hey again,

My old 512MB stick of Corsair XMS DDR333 memory is very stable in my system
(MSI K7N2 Delta2 LSR board, nForce2 Ultra 400 chipset, XP 2700+ CPU).

But, when I installed my 2 new 512MB Crucial Ballistix DDR400 sticks
(removed the Corsair), my system randomly locks up or re-boots.  I was
tweaking a few settings (FSB up to 170-175, memory timings to 2-2-2-6, mem
voltage to 2.75 or 2.8V) to get a little boost out of the system.  It would
run for a while, then hang/reboot.  But even on default settings, it

I've now reset everything in the BIOS to Optimized Defaults.  The memory
shows up as SPD 2-2-2-8 running at 2.6V.  Crucial lists this memory as 2.8V.
It did lockup several times at these settings.  So just this morning, I did
change the voltage to 2.75V, and it's been running for 17 hours or so
without reboot/lockup.  But it may fail tonight sometime for all I know.

Does anyone have any experience with Crucial Ballistix memory?  It is
especially sensitive to the voltage settings?  Are there issues with it
running on the nForce2 chipset?  I spoke with Crucial, and they said the
memory should work fine on my board.  Also, my BIOS shows 2.8V being "in the
RED".  Am I going to harm anything by setting the voltage there?  I did get
an RMA from Newegg, and was thinking of returning it for some OCZ Gold or
Platinum memory.

I bought the Ballistix because several sites said it works great with XP+
CPU's and A64's, so I can use it when I upgrade to a better system.

Any info would be appreciated.  Yes, I'm a novice and nervous about cooking
something expensive.



Re: Crucial Ballistix Memory Issues

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I don't think the Ballistix really likes a lot of voltage.
I have read one account of someone managing to burn out
some Ballistix overnight. I'd get a copy of memtest86+ and
see how low a voltage setting you can use, without seeing
any errors. Excess voltage just makes the RAM get hot
for nothing. If you were trying to squeeze DDR500 CAS3
from the memory, then maybe 2.8V would make sense. But
considering you won't be pushing too far above DDR400
on the Nforce2, 2.8V would be overkill for that memory.

Once the memory does a couple passes of memtest86+ clean
with no errors, boot back into Windows and run Prime95
as a second test. Also, try a 3D game or benchmark, as
sometimes a game is more demanding of a memory, than
Prime95. 3DMark2001SE has a demo loop mode that you can
leave running overnight (perhaps the later versions
have something like that too).

I've got four sticks of the Ballistix and I've been
pretty happy with it.


Re: Crucial Ballistix Memory Issues

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I have two sticks of the 1gb PC4000 Ballistix and it did take some
adjustments to get a stable overclock.  Whilst it is true that some
Ballistix can be damaged at high voltages as long as you do not go higher
than 2.8 / 2.85v you should be fine but as Paul mentions you're not pushing
the RAM that far so just leave it at default.  I would do as Paul has
suggested but perhaps loosen your mem timings with your overclocking and
work on from there.  I have mine at 260mhz at 2.8v 2.5-3-3-7 at 1T with an
4400x2 cpu on an msi diamond sli NF4 mobo.  If you can I would still with
them as when set up they are great stick.


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