cpu temperature reasonable?

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Have two computers running Soyo Dragon+ motherboards with AMD xp 2000+ (1.67
GHz) and xp 2600+ (2.08 GHz) with cpu temperatures of 40 degC and 54 degC,
respectively, as shown on the Soyo Hardware Monitor. Recently the xp 2600
has been shutting down abruptly and I have to restart. Yesterday I couldn't
even restart without it freezing up or shutting down once into winxp-pro.
Today it started up and I deleted Norton AV in WinXP just in case that was
the problem. It is currently running so I beginning to think that the cpu
temperature gets too high. Does anyone know if 54 degC is marginal with
running added software causing it to go over the limit?

What are the temperature limits of cpu's?

Re: cpu temperature reasonable?

On Sun, 06 Jan 2008 16:25:37 +0000, DrB wrote:

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When you say Soyo hardware monitor, I assume you mean the bios monitor.
54C is a little high, but not extremely high. The temps will very a lot
depending on which cpu cooler you use, and how dusty you let them get. If
you haven't cleaned them in more than a year, I'd do that first. You can
probably tell from the amount of dust in them if it will help. Max temp is
usually around 95C, but that's before damage occurs. most will flake out
somewhere between 60-70C under load. The cooler model makes a lot of
difference too. The original coolers shipped with the XP cpu's were crap
to put it mildly. I good cheap replacement was the TR2-M1 or M3 for under
$10. Would lower temps 10-15C in most cases. And it's very quiet in
comparison to the stock coolers. With a TR2-M3 my 2100+ Tbred B core
overclocked to 2000MHz idled in the 30's range and never got over 50C
under 100% load. You can't beat it for anywhere close to the price. Here's
the cheapest I found.


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