CPU Temp puzzle

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I have an Athlon 3000+ 64 in an ECS 755-A2 motherboard. It all seems to be
working fine, there are no lockups or system crashes. The processor is
cooled by a Akasa AK-859 cooler, which is pretty good by all accounts, and
has variable fan speed control. I have a Lian-Li case, which is aluminium
and includes 3 case fans for cooling. The case temperature is reported as
around 25c.

The bios reports the CPU temp as around 54c, but on booting into windows
different monitoring programs (MBM5, Sysfan etc) report the CPU temp as
around 38c. This then rises to around 60-65c under load (games etc.), even
when the fan is on full speed. I can't find any reports of problems with
this mobo reporting the wrong temp. I've reseated the heatsink, and tried
thermal paste and pads, without much change in either direction (a few
degrees). If I put my hand on the heatsink it seems pretty cool, even when
the system is under load. It returns to around 40c when load is removed
fairly quickly, and as I said there are no stability problems.

I'm aware that the maximum operating temp for this CPU is supposed to be
around 70c, so I'm not too keen on the system getting up towards 65c
(especially since the bios reports higher temps than the windows programs),
especially with the cooling measures I've got in place. There's nothing else
remarkable about my system - Enermax 465w power supply, Western Digital 80gb
hdd, Geforce 6800gt AGP card.....

Any ideas? Anyone had similar problems with this board?



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