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I'm currently using a Ath64 3800 Venice on an ASUS A8N-VM CSM with a
nVidia 7600GT and 2gb memory running XP.  I've got a X2 4200 Manchester
dual core on the way.

Are there any issues with a direct swap of the CPUs?


Re: CPU swap out

Merrill P. L. Worthington wrote:
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Upgrade the MB BIOS if appropriate, install the latest AMD CPU driver, set
the BIOS to conservative timings, boot XP, then use CPU-Z and Clockgen to
tune your system.

Good luck,

Re: CPU swap out

milsabords wrote:
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BIOS is kept up to date so that wasn't a problem.

Its done.  I reset all the BIOS setting to default clocking before I
installed the X2 4200.  At start-up I entered BIOS to make sure the CPU
was detected properly and then let XP boot.  XP found the new CPU and
installed whatever it needed and then required a reboot.  After the
reboot everything came up OK.

I would not say that there is necessarily an increase in speed so far
over the 3800 Venice (slightly overclocked).  But its only been a couple
of hours and I haven't tried the system under any kind of load where the
multiprocessing capabilities of the X2 would be tested.

I actually don't expect much of a speed difference under most
situations.  I expect to see a difference only when I'm trying to do a
couple of CPU-intensive tasks.  And I don't have high expectations, only
hope for an improvement.

As a side note on the removal of CPUs:

When I install a HSF onto a CPU I put a thin layer of axle grease on
both the CPU and the pad on the heatsink.  This prevents the pad from
sticking to the CPU and also softens the conductive material on the
heatsink.  Axle grease is designed to conduct heat away from the
high-stress areas around wheel bearings and will not break down under
load or high heat.  So it makes for a good heat conductive material. The
fact that it won't harden and bond the heatsink to the CPU is also a
definite plus.

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