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Hi. Would appreciate some help. I have recently overclocked my Venice
3000+ to 2.2GHz. This was achieved by decreasing the memory settings to
166MHz and then increasing the HTT (memory brought up to 200MHz). My
system is totally stable and I haven't managed to push the CPU passed 40
degrees C. What I wanted to know is, the multiplier x HTT should produce
a clock speed of exactly 2.2GHz, but is showing at 2.16-2.17. Has this
got anything to do with the core voltage? Do I need to change it? Do you
think my hardware is safe in the long term using these settings?

Re: core voltage

On Tue, 20 Dec 2005 12:58:29 +0000, Anthony Jones wrote:

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The speed should be multiplier times system clock. So if you set the
system clock to 233 and your cpu has a multiplier of 10, then the cpu
speed should be about 2330MHz. I say about because the actual setting will
likely not be exactly 233. Core voltage has nothing to do with the actual
speed except to give the cpu enough power to reach the settings you
choose. In this case, you should also lower the HT multiplier by 1x and
lower the ram base by 33Mhz.

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Re: core voltage

hell yeah thats safe AJ, 400Mhz for free my friend.
The fluxuation is normal (even when not overclocked) and should have no
adverse affect.

Try increasing the voltage if you havent already, it may stablise your
clock a little.
BTW: Your stable probably means that it loads windows and/or plays
games without crahsing, try running SuperPi through all its tests to
see if the memory is ok. Then go onto Prime95 for further stability

Re: core voltage

If it's a Socket 939 3000+, then it has a 9X CPU multiplier and normally
runs at 9X200 MHz = 1.8 GHz.

If you lower the memory multiplier to give a nominal DDR333 memory frequency
(166 MHz, as you say), that's a ratio of 5/6. Raise the "HTT" setting 1.2X
to bring the RAM back to 200 MHz, and the CPU would be operating at 9X240
MHz = 2.16 GHz.

Is that what you've done?

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Re: core voltage

Bob Knowlden wrote:
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yes that is exactly what I've done. THanks everyone.

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