Cooler Master GeminII $20 AR at Newegg!

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Very nice deal for any 939/AM2/intel setup, if you have a roomy case:

They also sell a 2-pack of 120mm coolermaster fans designed for the geminii,
so order them also if needed.

I put it on a abit KN8 + opteron170 @ 2.9ghz, with a couple of leftover
panaflo 120's running at 7v (only slightly audible at this setting).  It
gets into the mid-50s with prime95 running on both cores at this speed, and
idles at 36C with coolnquiet running in mid-summer (30C or so).

I still suspect more can be done to improve it's temps, and I'm afraid the
inferior mounting system is bending the motherboard slightly, so I'll keep
tinkering, but for $15 I can't complain.


Re: Cooler Master GeminII $20 AR at Newegg!

rms wrote:
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It is a bit big, which is why it might not be that popular. Some motherboards
now, have weird shaped Northbridge coolers, and there might be a conflict
between the cooling solutions mechanically. So check carefully, like any
big cooler, before you buy.


Re: Cooler Master GeminII $20 AR at Newegg!

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BIG???  It's a bloody monster!!! 10" across is actually longer than
some mobos!  One good point is that if you have a lower power CPU, you
might be able to use this heat sink in a passive mode... :^)

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