'clocking xp-ms

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firstly, i've been building pcs for about 12 years, now - for reliability &
stock perfotmance rather than oc
i have an abit nf7-sg2 with xp3000bar333 which no longer cuts the mustard;
but as luck would have it, i also have a couple xp-m2400s & silverado hsfs
near mirror finish/zalman copper flowers + big fans/cooljag\jaq??? {these
have tiny, fast fans so have never been plugged in--freeebies with xp-tmcs}
& shin etsu/arctic silver.
ram =corsair value 3200 2x256kit, ie=200mhz -i find no difference in
performance [ie 3d01/03/05 results are identical] running this at 333 or 400
but it is more stable at 400 - i get hard locks if i run it at 333 [yes i
have narrowed it down to ram speed settings], also setting exact
speeds/delays in bios doesn't help.
as you've probably guessed, i want to stick a mobile in. i've already got
the xp-ms shoved into xp-tmcs which are 'wire modded', as per ocinside
instructions, for 1.65v & 1.75 ; my main question, will i also
need to mod the cpus/tmcs for fsb? - default is 133[266ddr] with xp-ms,
(133[266]. tmc=total multiplier control, so multi is taken care of but i
want 200[400ddr]x12 or can i just select 200[400ddr] in bios & depend upon
the tmcs to supply multi?
2nd ?. i'm not certain 1.65v{or 1.75} will be enough for this speed. i also
may want to push the multiplier beyond 12, this is the main reason i've wire
modded the tmcs for voltage, its reversible.
can any xp-m oc vets tell me if i'm in the right ball park, voltage-wise?
how far can i expect to push an xp-m2400 with air cooling?
for reference. cpu, ram & psu are at 32c +- 1c at idle; 36+-2c under 6hours
heavy load .

dr ratt

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