Can I run 2700(333) at 3200(400mhz) ?

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I bought some 2700 hyperx modules 2x512 i guess dual channel. I have them
running on an nf7-s with a 2400+mobile. I have them along a 512 3200 hyper x
module filling all the banks. I thought i would be able to run them at the
400mhz fsb. But it posts at 333mhz. I was running 2x256 in dual channel
prior to this but they were 3200 so of coarse it was running at the 400mhz.
So did i just waste my money ? It was a good deal for a gig of memory so
thats why i picked them up. I still have the oc though. 11.5X200 for a
2.3ghz. I havent messed with this stuff for awhile so im not to sure. Any
help with this would be cool. TIA

Re: Can I run 2700(333) at 3200(400mhz) ?

lonesw0rdsman wrote:

"  I still have the oc though. 11.5X200 for a 2.3ghz.  "

You *still have the oc though* (!?).  Does that mean you have your
system running at 11.5x200 with the PC2700?  Kingston HyperX run at
2-2-2-5 @ PC2700, so my advice would be to loosen the timings right out
and see how much further you can push it.

I tend to create a couple of spreadsheets, each with the multiplier and
FSB as the axes.  With gaming as my main concern I fill the table with
3DMark scores, marking them as *failed* wherever relevant.  I do one
table for scores at the most relaxed timings, and another for scores at
middle-of-the-road timings (i.e. 2.5-3-3-7). After a stupid number of
tests I settle on the settings that pass with the best score.

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