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Can someone give me the quick rundown on choices for system burn-in or
stress testing software?  I'm building a mid to high end system (with mild
to moderate overclocking) but am not familiar with such software.  I've read
magazine and on-line reviews for various CPU's, graphics cards, etc. in
which the authors use various kinds of software, including many current
games (none of which I have).  What I do have is Sandra, but nothing beyond
that.  What are some good freeware choices that would cover stress testing
and maybe even benchmarking for this new rig?  Thanks in advance.

  - Magnusfarce

Re: Burn In / Testing Programs ??

Magnusfarce wrote:
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Google: "Prime95", "StressPrime2004", "Pifast", "Everest Home Edition"
and "Memtest86". They're all freeware and you can download them.


Re: Burn In / Testing Programs ??

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on top of franks suggestions I also use:

OCCT -it seams to find unstable systems faster than prime95. just run the
30min stability test
all the 3dmark benches from futuremark. 3dmark05 is the latest, good for
stability test and a benchmark, graphics card makes the huge difference in
and microsofts memory tester tool, it creates a boot floppy that can run
memory tests without being able to boot into windows.

all are free.

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