Budget AMD system advice

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Hello all,
    I'm new to this group so please be gentle. :-)

    I'm thinking of upgrading my pc, I currently have an AMD XP Athlon 3000+
running with 1 gig of DDR 3200 Ram and an Ati 9800 Pro gpu. I was wondering what
you guys would reckon would be the best way to go, given that I have a budget
ceiling of 1000, I'm asking this as I have lost touch with chips etc in the
last 2 years and the latest AMD cpus have confused me somewhat.
    Your genuine advice would be most welcome and very much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance to anyone who is kind enough to reply.


Re: Budget AMD system advice

I would say stick with what you got for now unless your noticing some
bottlenecks. If you can setup a raid 0 array and use dual channel memory
maybe try that. But if you have to upgrade, wait till AMD's AM2 standard
comes out in June. Check this read out to help with your decision.
http://enthusiast.hardocp.com/article.html?art=MTAwMiwxNiwsaGVudGh1c2lhc3Q =

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Re: Budget AMD system advice

Wow.. wish I had1000 to spend!
But listen to VanShania - Save your money for the new chipset!
I used to have a old Pentium socket 478 - which I got tired of - and so
upgraded to an AMD socket 940 (at a cost of1200 then).. then a few
months later they brought out the Socket 939, now I've finally upgraded
to socket 939 (at a cost of about800) - and they are bringing out
Socket AM2!

=A31000 should buy a nice system - why not spend some of it now on a
decent 17"-19" TFT monitor if you dont have one?    <Dont listen to me
.=2EI have an upgrade addiction!!>

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