bluescreen: raise vcore, vdimm, or what?

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Athlon 64 3200+ on an Abit AN8 Ultra.  1GB (2x512) Corsair 3200XL low
latency RAM.

So far @ 240x8 runs 10 hours of Prime95.  Had to raise vcore to 1.425
to get it stable.

At 250 I get a bluescreen with NV4_mini.sys
driver_irq_not_less_or_equal when I click "apply" from Abit's OCguru

How crazy can I get with the voltages?  And how do I know whether to
raise one or the other, or even maybe raise the voltage on something
else?  Or would relaxing the timings be the thing to do?

Link to a comprehensive guide?


Re: bluescreen: raise vcore, vdimm, or what?

On Thu, 10 Nov 2005 15:00:54 -0800, cgmoore wrote:

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Each system is different. Things that you need to be concerned with are
vcore, default ram speed and how raisng the cpu freq. affects it. HT link
speed and how raisng the cpu freq affects it.

In your case, I assume that's a 939 board, rasing the clock to 250Mhz
also sets the ht link at 5x250 (1250MHz), which most boards will crap out
on. You compensate this by setting the ht multiplier to 4 (some boards may
show this as 1000, 800, etc, 4=800) bringing the ht link right back on
spec at 1000. You would also need to compensate the default ram speed. So
set your ram bus to 166Mhz with a 250Mhz cpu freq speed. that would
bring the ram bus back up around 200MHz. I assume you have at least
PC3200 ram. Set vcore accordingly. I had to use 1.675v on my old hammer
core to get from 2000MHz to 2330MHz. And it depends on which core 3200+
you have as to how much overclocking success you'll have.

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Re: bluescreen: raise vcore, vdimm, or what?

Thanks for the reply.

I meant to type 240x4, not 240x8 in the first post.  So I am about 960
on the HT link speed; a little less than spec.  RAM was at 400 by
default, which I assumed really meant 200 since it is DDR.  I did knock
that back to 333, which I interpreted as 166.  So I figure 240/200 *
333 = right at 400MHz on the RAM, again right at spec.  I did have to
raise the vcore +.025 to 1.425 in order to get prime stable at this
speed.  This is a Venice core.

At 250MHz clock speed the RAM would effectively run at 416MHz, or about
4% out of spec.

I am going to try getting away with raising the vcore another notch and
see what happens when I bump it to 250.

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