BIOS version for ASUS A7M266-D and Barton Model 10

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I successfully modd'ed two Athlon XP 3000+ (Barton Model 10) to run on
my ASUS A7M266-D main board (Yes, it is SMP). I updated my BIOS towards
the newest available version, this is 1011 BETA 3. There ARE indeed
slight problems I link to this BETA BIOS.

My question to You guys'n'girls: Which is or are the oldest ASUS BIOS
versions capable to run Athlon XP 3000+ which are also known as Model
10. (All AFAIK ;-) ???

I did not test the two CPUs with older versions and I cannot do this
because of this:
In case the Bartons wouldn't run, I had to remove those and reuse the
former CPUs (Athlon MP 1600+) to re-flash the BIOS with the Beta
version. You understand the trouble? ;-)

I would appreciate advices in this question about BIOS versions. Hints
towards finding hints are also welcome

cu, Stephen

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