Athlon64 3200+ (2000MHz) Venice Core @ 2700MHz but...... ?

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I'm able to get the 3200+ from 2GHz to 2.7 without and problems
running at 1.5 Vcore but my spanking new PC4400 just will not come up
to the same 270FSB speed. It does not seem to matter what I set the
timings at. Instability seems to start around 245 to 250 FSB for the
RAM. Right now the HTT is set to 3x270, the DDR is running 225 at
2.5-3-3-8 and CPU is clocked to 10x270=2700MHz. I suppose I should
just be thankfull everything is solid at these speeds but I just spent
$165 on this RAM hoping for a 1:1 speed with the FSB. Maybe my new
Epox does not like the TCCD chips, I'm not sure. All the reviews I
read seem to point to great FSB overclocks but made no mention of
limited DDR speeds.

According to many posts the Epox has trouble overclocking with the RAM
in slots 1 and 2 so I've placed the pair in slots 3 and 4 as advised.
I do have the latest BIOS from Epox as well.

Was wondering if anyone had any experience with the Mushkin or other
Samsung TCCD RAM modules and/or the Epox 9NDA3+ board.

This CPU will more than likely go higher, I honestly have not tried
it. I'm pretty happy with the FX55 speeds ;-)

Fresh upgrade with the following

new parts

Epox 9NDA3+  NForce 3 Ultra Socket 939 AGP
2 x 512 Mushkin PC4400 with Samsung TCCD chips
Athlon64 3200+ Socket 939 Venice Core

Old parts:

ATI Radeon 9800XT 256meg AGP w/Artic Cooling silencer
WD Raptor 10k on SATA 1 (XP SP2 boot)
6 other HD's from 200gig to 300gig for storage
NEC 3550a DVD Burner
Lite-On CD Burner
Promise Ultra 100tx2 for ATA HD's
Adaptec 2940au SCSI for HP Scanner
3Com 10/100 ethernet (onboard gigabit craps out)
PCI Firewire/USB 2 combo card for front panel
Antec 400watt power supply *
PC Power and Cooling 600watt power supply from Sun Server*
Enlight? double width server case on rollers

*note: The Antec 400watt only powers the motherboard, CPU and
expansion cards. The PC Power & Cooling unit is linked via the green
pwr on wire and a ground to power the Radeon and all other drives and
fans in the system.

Re: Athlon64 3200+ (2000MHz) Venice Core @ 2700MHz but...... ?

MHz Tweaker wrote:
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I'm not able to get much more with OCZ Platinum Rev.2 and my 3800+X2 on
same board.  I can't even run 1T at stock (200) speeds.  Since the
controller is on the CPU, Epox just blames that even though some have
different cpu's/memory with the same effect.
I've got 2x512 PC3200 in slots 3+4 running at 240 2.5-3-3-7-2T.

Although I'm learning that running 1T is good for Sandra benching and
only affects real performance 1-2%.

Re: Athlon64 3200+ (2000MHz) Venice Core @ 2700MHz but...... ?

Did you even try the ram in 1 and 2? It might work for you.Don't beleive
everything you read.

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Re: Athlon64 3200+ (2000MHz) Venice Core @ 2700MHz but...... ?

No, he's right.  The board won't even boot at 1T with ram in 1&2.  At
least TCCD..

dawg wrote:
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Re: Athlon64 3200+ (2000MHz) Venice Core @ 2700MHz but...... ?

Yeah, I tried the 1T command rate and it was a no-go that way too.


On 5 Feb 2006 15:20:23 -0800, wrote:

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Re: Athlon64 3200+ (2000MHz) Venice Core @ 2700MHz but...... ?

I have not tried the RAM in sockets 1 and 2 during my overclocks. I
may give that a go just for giggles.

I did read in a post on Jan 17 that Plowak was using OCZ EL PC3200
Platinum Rev 2. to get his Opteron 148 up to 250+ FSB stable. I'm
wondering if it's the TCCD chips/mobo combo or the memory controller
in the Venice core. Not sure. Any idea's?



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Re: Athlon64 3200+ (2000MHz) Venice Core @ 2700MHz but...... ?

Something I think more and more people are seeing is that the newer
steppings of 4400,4600, and 4800+ X2's is that they are overclocking
really poorly. I bought a new 4800+ X2 for my testbench, and it won't
run anything over 2.7GHz stable on air.....and my results are fairly
typical with the newer processors.
Even the newer Opterons are slowly starting to not scale as well as the
first couple of releases.
One difference i did notice was switching to the DFI LANParty NF4
SLI-DR Expert Edition motherboard, it helped a bit over my older SLI-DR
and KN8 NEO4 Platinum.
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