Athlon XP reaching 60C idle!

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My non-overclocked Athlon XP 2500+ (Barton i think) used to run a what i
considered to be a respectable 35-40C when idle but recently it has been
running at 55-65C idle!

I have just one case fan extracting at rear-top but also have extractor
fan fitted to gfx card on rear-bottom. In any case even case-open the
cpu temp is still well into the 50s. I'm not sure which is my case temp
reading as i have two but they stay pretty constant at 32C and 35C. The
room temp is probably around 20C. My cooler is an Akasa 8cm 2500rpm fan
mounted on an Akasa heatsink using arctic cooling silicone paste. I
can't remember the exact model of the fanbut I know it's rated to Athlon
3200+. There are no ribbon cables in the case.

My first thought was that i had some trojan or virus eating clock cycles
in the background but I've scanned and rescanned and even reinstalled
windows (for unrelated reasons) and the problem persists.

I also have S2kctl running to set the idle bus disconnect bit but while
that used to drop the temp very significantly it doesn't seem to have
any effect anymore.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


Re: Athlon XP reaching 60C idle!

You could try looking at your Voltage for the CPU (Vcore) and turn it down a
bit. Mine was at 1.55 but then I turned it down to 1.45 and it runs so much
cooler but still at same great performance for my AMD64 3400+. You will need
some kind of motherboard monitor for it though. I use Gigabytes Easy Tune5

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Re: Athlon XP reaching 60C idle!

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Na since it was ok in the past don't mess with the voltage that until you
have looked at the CPU heatsink very carefully. It's not unusual to find
them choked with dust. You need to look through the fan not at the sides of
the sink. It can be hard to see with the fan in the way - use a torch or
remove the fan.

Re: Athlon XP reaching 60C idle!

Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll have a go at dusting and reseat the
heatsink if that fails.



Re: Athlon XP reaching 60C idle!

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Coincidentally, I just removed a massive dust bunny that accumulated under
the fan of my home computer heat sink in just 9 months.  I have all kinds of
furry pets, which are a good source of dust.  The system not only is cooler
but I can now get it back to its old overclock of 209x11.

Here is my cleaning procedure.
1.  Unscrew the fan from the top of the heatsink and remove it.
2.  I got some cleanafe dust remover from Walmart and blasted the dust out
of the heatsink.
3.  Re-attach the fan to the heatsink in the correct orientation.

The cleansafe worked much better than trying to vaccuum the dust out.  I am
ready to do the same thing on my other system.

Best wishes,


Re: Athlon XP reaching 60C idle!

Tamlyn Rhodes wrote:
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Is the heatsink too hot to touch? My guess is that the silicone paste
has harderened and is not doing its job. Remove and get some quality
thermal compound on the cpu.


Re: Athlon XP reaching 60C idle!

The heatsinks are stuffed with dust.  Take off the fans and clean everything
out.  Oil the fans with Inox while you're at it.


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