Athlon XP-CPUs mit FSB=266 and >= 2600+

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Hi Newsgroup!

[Is there an Athlon CPU fitting this specs?]
[I am putting this question (also) here, because the solution could be  
over- or underclocking...]
I have got an ASUS A7M266-D mainboard. I am on the search for CPUs running  
on this one. (The current CPUs are 2*1400MHz 1600+ Athlon MPs)

Officially AMD has the Athlon MP 2800+ which runs with FSB266 and should  
be truely supported. But as kniow, these are expensive... ;-)

I read - which mustn't be stated as 100% reliable - there was the  
possibility to use 2 equal Athlon XP CPUs instead of MP CPUs. Just a  
thought this might function...

*** Well, the crucial point which makes me perplex is:
The mainboard supports a FSB of 200 and 266 (DDR), which will be "true"  
100MHz and 133 MHz

On my journey through the web I spotted a list of Athlon XP processors  
specs which tells me there are NO XPs with a QuantiSpeed-Index above 2600+
(AMD Athlon XP 2600+    133 MHz    2133 MHz    2600)
( )

Well, my questions about all this - independant of running this as a  
SMP/MP system or single - is there no FSB266 Athlon XP CPU above 2600+ ?

*** The problem is also, that in the ASUS mainboard's manual and their  
homepage is only written: CPUs with 1600MHz and above". So, that's also no  

Just a small hint: I downloaded the most recent BIOS update for the Asus  
A7M266-D and looked at it in binary view:
There I found the strings which are used to identify the processor to the  
I found the strings "AMD Athlon(TM) XP" and "AMD Athlon(TM) MP" with  
QuantiSpeed-numbers of 2800+ up to 3200+
Is this some kind of hint or is it just bogus?

I'd be pleased if You could help me!
Greetings, Stephen

Re: Athlon XP-CPUs mit FSB=266 and >= 2600+

On Thu, 14 Jul 2005 15:05:13 +0200, Stephen wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it
It's simple enough to set the MP bit on the cpu. Should be reliable if you
don't overclock too much.

Quoted text here. Click to load it
XP-M's are all 133MHz fsb default. You can also set the MP bit on them.

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Anything the bios id's the cpu at is just calculated anyway. By changing
the speed of the cpu it will reprt the cpu as different models. Wouldn't
even concern myself with this. The 2100+ running at 2400Mhz in an old
KT133 board reports the cpu as unknown. Who cares. If you're looking for
max speed/performance your best bet is to rework bridges on an XP-M CPU
for MP and set the multiplier to whatever you want. A couple of XP-M's
running 17x133 woulld be about the best I could think of. But this might
require more bridge work than just setting the MP bit. You could just
change the multiplier on the cpu's you have now to get anywhere from
333-1000Mhz more speed from them depending on which core you have in your
1600+ MP's. Look here for more info.

KT133 MB, CPU @2400MHz (24x100): SIS755 MB CPU @2330MHz (10x233)
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