Athlon x2 4800+ ?

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What I've got:

Athlon x2 4800+ 939, Toledo:
My mobo is an Abit KN8:
Ram is Patriot DDR400 stepping at 2-3-2-5.  2gigs

Ok.  My BIOS allows me to change the CPU FSB clock, which is 200 by default.
I've been told not to set this above about 205 or I can fry the CPU.  Is
that true?  Got a recommended setting?  CPU has stock cooling.

The multiplyer is changable, but is already maxed out at 12x.

I can adjust CPU core voltage.  Also RAM voltage and Ref voltage.  There is
also nForce4 voltage and HyperTransport voltage.

Any recommendations?


Re: Athlon x2 4800+ ?

No.You won't fry the chip.You may have to reset the CMOS jumper if you go
too high,but that's trivial.If you do want to overclock,keep an eye on CPU
A64 overclocking is a bit tricky.It can involve CPU and dram voltages and
the hypertransport bus to get it just right.Th 4800+ is pretty much the
highest in mhz AMD chips go,so there's probably not much headroom to
 BTW,the multiplier is locked upwards,not downwards. So,if you have some ram
that can run at 250+ FSB then you can lower the multiplier.It's one
option.Most just raise the fsb.

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Re: Athlon x2 4800+ ?

Larry Hodges wrote:
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AMD X64 CPU overclocking can get quite complicated - I'd Google around
for some good articles discussing the standard steps involved.  I just
did as I wrote this -
You basically max out your components one at a time.  There's a good
webpage that gives you all the recommended ratios and multipliers once
you know the max settings of your components.
Even if you don't get much of a total boost in CPU Mhz, you can get
some speed gains by dropping the multiplier and increasing the FSB.
It took a while, but I have a 1.8Ghz AMD Opteron running at 2.7Ghz now.
 I had to set the multplier to 9, HTT to 600, and base RAM speed to
133Mhz, then loosen the timings (I have the exact same memory as you)
to 2.5-3-3-7, I think.  I use A64 Tweaker to bump the RAM to 150Mhz
once Windows boots.


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