Athlon X2 3800 overclockability

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i can get one of two AMD X2 3800 Athlons, which I would
like to overclock to 2500 MHz at 1,40 VCore maximum.

Unfortunately I can not test the overclockability of these processors
and give them back, if they do not reach my requirements.

But I have got the OPNs of both processors:

The first:  CDBHE 0535SPMW

The second: CDBHE 0526UPBW

Google sayed that there are some people, got it running at 2500
@1,35 - 1,50 VCore. Higher speeds at water cooling were
possible too.

To the first processor I could not find anything. Maybe it is
too *new*.

Which processor should I take? What is the difference between
SPMW and UPBW and it is relevant concerning overclockability?

The first processor is 9 weeks newer. Does it mean, that a newer
one has better overcklockability than older processors?

Hope anyone can give help.


Re: Athlon X2 3800 overclockability

On Sat, 01 Oct 2005 08:53:39 +0200, Andreas Wels wrote:

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Those are not OPN's. OPN stands for Ordering Part Number. What you have is
CDBHE (has something to do with where core was made) 0535 (date code)
and SPMW (I think this is the batch number or something like that. The OPN
is the first line of the label IIRC. Since they are both CDBHE, I doubt
there would be much difference although each batch (and each cpu within
it) may be a lillte different.

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