asus a8n premium with 4x sticks of ram :(

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Hi all, long story short:

have this motherboard with an AMD 3800+ x2 CPU. Had it running at 2.55ghz
(10x255) with 1:1  timings for Corsair 3200C2 2x 512 meg.  this was working
fine. loving having my ram running at 510mhz.

then I got an extra 2 sticks of the same ram, another matched pair. now I
can only get the system to boot with memory timings of 133, or DDR266, with
the same overclock. so my memory is running with an effective speed of

this sux. I can understand that maybe I can't get the same overclock and
that some divider may be required. but to be running 60mhz below spec (with
quite loose timings (3-3-3-6) is pretty crap.

do you think flashing the bios to 1.009 will help? I am currently using
version 1.006.

any help appreciated...

Re: asus a8n premium with 4x sticks of ram :(

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I have a very similar setup to yours (A8N-SLI Premium v1009, X2 4200+ @2420,
TWINX1024-3200CL2 @2.5-3-6-6) but I'm still running 2 sticks (for now) so I
don't have a definitive answer.  I do know that under default circumstances
939 systems should kick the RAM down to DDR333 with 4 sticks (it's an Athlon
64 memory controller issue) but any decent motherboard/RAM combination
should let you reset it to DDR400.  My own experience with the TWINX leads
me to wonder about your RAM voltage settings.  I run mine at 2.7v.  My
second thought with the TWINX would be if you're trying to run at 1T instead
of 2T.  You can get away with that with 2x512, usually not with 4x512.

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