Are there 2 FSB concepts?

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Hello. I have shuttle ak32 mainboard.

In the specification there is written:
1)Support Socket462 package CPU with 200/266 MHz FSB
2)Self configuration FSB (The FSB speed is software configurable from 100MHz
to 166MHz by 1 MHz step in the Frequency/Voltage Control of BIOS setup

- So one FSB is 200 or 266 and second is 100-166. Do I think well that this
Socket 462 FSB can not be changed and the 100-166 MHz FSB is for
overclocking?? (Why 2 FSBs?) And if the second FSB is for overclocking then
how should I know the nominal value if I only know that FSB of my processor
is 266 MHz? How do you call this nominal value if 266MHz for my processor is
called FSB?

Please, help!!
(I can't understand this 2 FSB concepts)

Re: Are there 2 FSB concepts?

Przemek B. wrote:
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See Wes Newell's page "The Real Front Side Bus" at:

Re: Are there 2 FSB concepts?

On Wed, 28 Feb 2007 07:49:13 +0100, Przemek B. wrote:

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There aren't 2 FSB's. There's only one and this board supports clock
speeds up to 166MHz. The 200/266 MHz is the marketing BS numbers. See The
Real Front Side Bus in My server link below.

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