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Hi Guys,
any tips with an AMD Atlon 64 3500+ and an Epox 9nda3j, never overclocked
before, advice welcome and appreciated

Re: Any tips

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there are lots of guides on the web.   just search google.

Re: Any tips

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That is a good board, and you should be able to get some oc out of it even
with your limited experience.  Your important parameters are in the "Power
Bios" menu.  There you will find controls for "CPU Overclock in Mhz," which
basically is the overclock/performance equivalent of Front Side Bus, which
most of us are use to working with in previous generations of cpu's.  You
will need to increase that number from its default of 200mhz.  I would
suggest trying increments of 5mhz.  In other words, increase it from 200 to
205, save your settings (hit the Esc key, then F10, then Enter), then boot
to Windows and run some kind of benchmarking tool to test for stability.  I
use 3DMark01/03.  You don't have to run the entire set of tests.  A minute
or so will stress the system enough to show up any problems.

Your AGP and PCI slots are locked by virture of the feature Epox calls the
"AGP Overclock in Mhz," so leave it at 66.  The next setting is "CPU Ratio
Control."  It's here that the experimentation will come in.  This setting
allows you to enable multiplier control.  The next setting, "CPU Clock
Ratio" is grayed out until you choose "Enable" for the "CPU Ratio Control.
Once you enable it, you can *lower* your multiplier (you cannot increase the
multiplier on an Athlon 64), which theoretically will provide you headroom
to further increase your "CPU Overclock."

If I were you, I would start there.  Depending on your results, you can take
things further by increasing your voltages.  Post back if you get that far.

Good luck.


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