AMD XP-M 3000 & NF7-S. OK?

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AMD Athlon XP-M 3000
Abit NF7-S w/ Soundstorm audio

Patriot Extreme 2-3-2-7  (1Gb x2) memory

I've had this board and CPU for about a year sitting in the closet.
They are both new from Newegg.  I have never had the time to finish
building the machine until now that I have the memory.

Can anyone help me with this.  Will the XP-M CPU work in the NF7-S board.
It is not locked but I haven't changed any of the bridges yet.  It's default
is 133 fsb. Is there a website that shows the bridge painting guide
to change the multiplier?

The current L3 bridges are"
I : : I I
closed - open - open - closed - closed

The L5 bridges are:
I : I I
closed - open - closed - closed

Any help or input would be appreciated.


Re: AMD XP-M 3000 & NF7-S. OK?

On Thu, 13 Oct 2005 19:46:24 -0400, SunnyB wrote:

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That's a default 6x multiplier. This will need to be changed either in the
bios, or a combo of bios and pulling AJ27 high (opening L3-5)

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As all XP-M's. if you want to make it an MP instead of an XP-M, make the 2
midlle bridges open.

I haven't worked with one configured as a mobile, but the Nvidia chipset
doesn't support powernow, so don't even try that. I'd just plug it in and
see what it boots at. If it boots at 600MHz try changing the multiplier to
11 in the bios and then setting the FSB higher. You also need to note what
vcore gets set to. I's use at least 1.65v for anything over 2000MHz.

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Re: AMD XP-M 3000 & NF7-S. OK?

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I have a 2500XP-M that was rock solid at 1.55vdc at 2200 MHZ on a NF7-S.
Prime95 stable for 36 hours

What he has should be adjustable in the BIOS, no need for surgery just yet

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Re: AMD XP-M 3000 & NF7-S. OK?

it will work fine am 100% sure, especially if its the v2.0 nf7-s
i run a 2500+ in my nf7-s and can adjust everything in bios no need to mess
with the cpu at all

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