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I bought a system from a distributor. First the motherboard wouldn't make
any cdrom drive work, whether new or used or cdrom or cdrw. Any hard drive
would work on this motherboard.
Changed ram
Changed harddrives
Changed cables
changed cd drives.

Nothing would make the motherboard make a cdrom work.

Bought a new motherboard. Got the cdrw to work. Got the old cdrom to work.
Got a different cdrw to work.

Now, this one wouldn't make any program on the hard drive to work.
Tried another new hard drive
Tried an old hard drive that was working.
Low level formatted both new hard drives.
changed cables
changed ram
all Cdrom and CDRW drives work ok.

The only thing in common was the AMD SEMPRON 2400 CPU.

Changed the cpu with another AMD SEMPRON 2400 and all the hard drives work
on either motherboard and also all the CDrom drives work on either

Contacted AMD. They asked for the serial number of the AMD SEMPRON 2400 that
doesn't work, so I sent it to AMD and three weeks later, no reply.

number 500 1033 10998U


Sillysam wrote:
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Actually, it's SDA2500**D**UT3D, and that's for a 2500, not a 2400. And that
serial number looks wrong too. The only place a letter can appear in the
serial number is in the first position, never the last.

That aside, you haven't said if it's an OEM or retail (processor inna box)
CPU. If it's the former, then you're not going to get any help from AMD (and
nor would you from most electronics vendors). That's the deal with OEM
equipment: you have to go through the place you got it from. If it's retail
then they should have got back to you though. I should mention, though, that
it's almost impossible to get a response from any manufacturer nowadays.

In the past year, I've probably sent about 50 emails to various
manufacturers (AMD, Intel, MSI, ASUS, LG, Antec, OCZ, among others) and the
only one that replied was Seagate. I only sent one email to Seagate, that's
a response rate of 2%. Some could have been lost in the mail or got trapped
in spam filters, but not 98% of them. Now, most of my questions were of a
technical nature as opposed to just usage or warranty questions, and I got a
few automatic responses back that the email had been forwarded to technical
staff. The most entertaining was AMD's "your question has been elevated"
response. I'm pretty sure this just means whoever got the email couldn't
answer the question and fobbed it off to another member of thet support
team. One of my questions was elevated somthing around 30 to 40 times over a
period of a couple months before it was never seen again; finally escaped
the pull of gravity, I guess. That you even got a response asking for the
serial number puts you ahead of me in terms of getting a human reply from
AMD ...

I found that an easier method to get hold of a real person is to send it to
the nearest distributor instead of trying to go through the manufcturer's
support system. They often don't have a clue of the answer, so forward it on
to the main support group, and since it's coming from a distributor there's
often a response within a day or two. Obviously, you can send it to the
retailer you bought it from as well, and then they send it to the local
distributor, etc, but then it has to work it's way all the way back another
link as well so you might as well cut out the retailer if the distributor
will talk to you :)

Michael Brown : OOS/RSI software and more :)
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| Changed the cpu with another AMD SEMPRON 2400 and all the hard drives work
| on either motherboard and also all the CDrom drives work on either
| motherboard.

I find this hard to believe ; drives are controlled by mboard's south
bridge's IDE controller, not by cpu.  If cpu can pass diagnostics (
BCM, Sandra ), I can't believe cpu can jam any drive, unless cpu
draws so many amps that +5v rail drops too low. Your hiding of real
name makes yourself even less credible, u may be a Intel agent.
If this cpu can jam drives, you can ask a tv station to broadcast this,
then AMD will certainly entertain you.

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