Amd lock up again !

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Hello folks,

Thanks for your replys!

I have ruled out the possibility of overheating - My current CPU core  
temperature is now in the region of 34'C - 38'C. Previously it was about  
70'C ! I just recently purchase a thermaltake Kandalf super tower case.  
A monstrous tower with 5 fans built into the bugger. My muscles are wasted!

Now the funny thing is that my Windows XP installation went further than  
before. It used to stop at the text stage of the windows installation -  
"windows is now transferring files to the hard drive".

Now the files are now been transferred to the hard drive but it still  
continues to stop at the graphical stage of transferring additional  
files. I think it could well be an issue with interference / crosstalk  
but I tried every possible arrangement for the cables to be neat to my  
best of my ability. Is there any tools or apparatus that prevent crosstalk?

My PC specifications are:

Lan Party UT N f4 Ultra D Motherboard.
160 GB SATA HD as SATA 1.
512 DDR 400 Megabyte of RAM on Dimm Slot 2.
EIDE CD - ROM 52x as Primary master.
EIDE ROCIH DVD as Primary slave.
GForce 6800 Ultra on PCI - E.
AMD Athlon 64 3700+ 939 socket.
Kandalf Supertower by Thermaltake.

Re: Amd lock up again !

16 Sep 2005 14:01 UTC, Boaby typed:
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Any memory issues? A good long test with memtest86+ should find most.

Email: Martin Fenelon <fenm at freeuk dot com>

Re: Amd lock up again !

what make is your Video card.  I've read in a few places that WinXP wont
install on AMD64 based systems with MSI graphics cards unless fast write is
just a suggestion


Re: Amd lock up again !

RJAG wrote:
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i had no problem with that. i own a msi mainboard/graphics card and
isntalled right away. not sure what state the fast write is in though.

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