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Hi guys,
new to this  game, I have bought a AMD64 3500+,  (a PIB) and an Epox 9NDA3J.
Can someone eplain the CPU for instance it is a Venice core - what does that
mean, also is it single or dual core, and what do each one mean.  Hey sorry
about the basic questions, but I got to start somewhere, thanks for your
It comes with an AMD cooling fan will this be sufficient or do I need to get
an extra fan etc, I intend to run 2 x SATA Wesstern Digital and a middle of
the road Nvidia Graphics card

Re: Amd info please

BH2 wrote:
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Venice cores are recent 512kb L2 single core processors.

I've found the AMD fan / heat sink combo to be most adequate.

A couple of WD drives in RAID0 will help overcome the usual i/o
bottleneck.  I'm using WDs in RAID0 on a couple of different boxes at
home with satisfactory results.

Suggest you not skimp in memory.  CAS2 will provide better performance
than CAS2.5 or CAS3.  Consider 1gb (2x512) the minimum memory.

Performance will depend on the applications you want to run and your own
performance expectations.


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