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I would like to know if anyone can tell me if I can utilise HTT (Hyper
Transport Technology) as my diagnostic software (SiSoft Sandra and Everest)
say that it is not supported in my current system : the AMD website clearly
states that (ALL) AMD 64 Processors support Hyper Transport Technology and
therefore by definition should be in use.

I have a new AMD 64 3500 Venice core processor with the nVidia nForce4
chipset; the Abit AN8 Fatality Mobo' and a GeForce 6600 PCI Express Graphics
What else do I need to have HTT?
Be grateful for any constructive help here.
Many thanks.


Re: AMD HTT Question

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Nothing. It's part of the CPU.
CPU-Z will show the HTT speed.


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Re: AMD HTT Question

My Everest shows my Hyper Transport under clock says 800 which is correct seeing as I
have it set to 4x....multiply that by 2 (DDR) and is 1600...

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