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Well Gang;
Soltek sent me the replacement capacitors to replace the leaky ones.
Got brave, and replaced 'em.  Board fired up just fine.  Whew!
I'm STILL in my 5-7 day burp cycle.  Move the mouse, and screen stays
Hit reset and most likely will fire up. OTOH if I power down, then up
again, will make it through POST, start loading Win XP, and then get
BSOD on occasion.  Seems as if it makes it past the click letting me
know the sound card has loaded it'll make it into windows. (Hold your
breath at this
point.) ARRRGH!!!!!

Is just a play box, nothing critical, but power supply , AthlonXP 2500+
and Crucial XMS PC3200 512MB all check out OK.  Stressing any of them;
it runs like a fine clock.  This only happens when I'm not using it.  Is
not set to hibernate, and the only power saving thing I allow to turn
off is the monitor. No screen saver allowed either.

I think I've about exhausted the hardware reasons for this behavior, and
am wondering about fixing the XP install?  Is current with all updates
and SP2.
Or do you folks still think I've got a hardware gremlin loose?

Any somewhat easy ideas for a shade tree tinkerer on how to patch
without a format or totally ruining what's already there?

Re: AMD Group advice

Under Power Options try setting everything to "never" and saving it as a
custom profile named "never."
And turning off the power saving stuff in the bios if it's on.

Power saving never has worked for me, so I just disable it and turn off the
monitor myself.

Ed Light

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