AMD Duron 1800 to Core2 E4550 ???

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Can you specialists giveme some advice please. I'm in the UK.

Is the advice I've been given any good?  Suggested I go from my old
slow system to a new system based on Intel.  Proposed system seems
overkill.  Opinions please.

I use my system for home use with a lot of personal office-like
activity (I'm retired).

I want to have reasonably good audio editing for good quality voice
recording of meetings.  Want low system noise where possible.

Would like FEATURES (like lots of USB and on-board functions to save
buying plugins) but I don't need tons of outright POWER.

I can't fund expensive equipment so I try and buy for value rather
than leading edge technology.  My current system was bought as middle
to trailing edge technology and has got more out of date since then!

(a) AMD Duron cpu at 1800 MHz. Real 1800 MHz (approx sub-Athlon 2100+)
(b) Syntax mobo based on Via 266a chipset with 768 MB SD-RAM.
(c) 17 inch CRT which I will keep and re-use.
(d) four to seven hard drives (mix of SATA/PATA) using PCI adapters

PROPOSED SYSTEM (PC shop suggestion: total 450 inc VAT)
(1)  Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 processor (77)
(2) very recent Asus mobo  (89)
    3 PCI, 6 SATA, 10 USB, 2 Fwire, 8ch sound, 4D chII-1066 memory
(3) 4 GB memory Crucial/Kingston   (60)
(4) graphics card  (30)
(5) sound blaster X-Fi Xtreme PCI 8ch (33)
(6) hard drive for booting only  (30)
(7) DVD-RW  22
(8) decent case/PSU = Antec Sonata (92)
(9) usual ancillary things: fan, webcam, KVM switch, mouse/keybd


Bit fast isn't it?  And probably a huge jump.

It's too expensive. Any ideas where I can trim the cost back a bit.

Was told Intel cpu's have currently stolen a lead on AMD.  Also that
Intel mobos were no longer significantly more costly than AMD mobos.  
True enough?

Decent mobo can provide integrated function which is more costly to
add later so I don't want to pare this back to a "skeleton" mobo.

Decent case and PSU save endless trouble but is the Antec Sonata with
PSU good value? I don't like it's glossy front flap (remove), only 2
front USB and no front fan.

Re: AMD Duron 1800 to Core2 E4550 ???

Don wrote:
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OK, I'll throw one together.

Based on this chart, I'll go from Intel E4500 to AMD 5600+. $117 versus $69

Motherboard Asus M3A78-EM  $66

HDMI/DVI/VGA/DisplayPort (graphics options)
PS/2 (keyboard)
ESATA (high speed external disk)
RJ-45 (Ethernet)
6 USB (4 on backplate)
8 channel audio (six connectors)
S/PDIF (TOSLink digital audio)
1394 (Firewire - for camcorder ?)

2 PCI slots.
PCI Express x16 (future graphics upgrade)
PCI Express x1 (successor to PCI)

One con for the product - no accessories to speak of. ?$S640W$

You might have to pick up some adapters for USB later, if
you want more rear USB connectors than are provided.

The case is the other area you could shave off a few pounds.
I'd suggest buying one without power supply. (Mainly, because
for some bargain cases, the power supply is just adding to your
local landfill.) Then, you can select a power supply separately,
picked for what you consider the loading is going to be.

The above should be a pretty low power system. If you don't
install a separate video card, use the integrated video,
even a 350W supply would be enough. The 5600+ processor is
65W, the motherboard plus RAM about 50W, so there really
isn't a lot of power consumption.


Re: AMD Duron 1800 to Core2 E4550 ???

Paul wrote:
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Oh, and you can try the onboard sound first, without buying the
Sound Blaster. If the onboard works well enough, you save another


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