AMD Athlon XP 2600+ - overclock

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hi to everybody

I have a

ASUS A7V8X - bios 1014 of 21/04/04 (they don't update anymore?)

1 Gb RAM (2 x 512)

AMD Athlon 2600+ socket A. (0.13 um)

by default the frequency is 2083 MHz

I have brought to 2166 MHz in stable way, in this way


FSB 166

Bus 333

1.75 Vs in the BIOS (cpu-z give me instead 1.792)

could you advise me on as to push more it' in stable way to play to the last
games and for compressions in DivX?



Re: AMD Athlon XP 2600+ - overclock

Tell :-), 2k6 wrote:
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More power.
There are gazillions of overclocking sites/guides.
But a good place to start is pcperspective (the site formerly [and more
properly] known as - the biggest AMD forum out there.

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Re: AMD Athlon XP 2600+ - overclock

Tell :-), 2k6 wrote:
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The usual way to get more speed is higher vcore. However you need good
cooling. Shame you didn't get a "sweet" CPU.

I have a Barton 2500+ desktop CPU, unlocked, that is currently running at
10.5 x 200MHz FSb, 2.1GHz, (XP3000+ speed) with 1.5V vcore. It runs cool as
a cucumber, I don't need any more power than that at the moment so that's
where I run it. 1.5GB PC3200 RAM.

At default vcore (1.65V) it'll do 11.5 x (2.3GHz) and, if I push vcore up to
1.775 it'll do 12 x 210MHz, 2.52GHz. All stable, tested for at least 12
hours with Prime95. However, currently I have no need for that sort of power
so I have very conservative settings.

All overclocks should be tested with Prime95 for several hours at least. If
it fails, either increase the vcore or drop the speed. If it passes, do the
opposite until it fails, then set it back to the last setting that didn't
fail and run it overnight. Keep an eye on your core temp. Motherboard
Monitor 5 is the best tool (IMO) for this. I won't let an AMD core run
hotter than the high 50's max under 100% load during the hottest part of
the day. That leaves plenty of margin for Murphy.

Good luck with your overclock.

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