AMD Athlon 4000+ overclock help

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iv judt got my new pc with a single core 4000+ at idle temps
around 35C and my temps after a game etc are around 40C.would i be
ok to
overclock with these temps or are they a little high?

dorry im new to overclocking and if anything needs posting pics wise
ill do it
asap.thanks again, just want to get the most performance for
as little
cost....pretty much the whole ethos for overclocking id say
'free registry cleaner' ( ) 'personal loans for
with bad credit' ( )


Re: AMD Athlon 4000+ overclock help

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If you are reading the actual core frequency correctly, it already is
overclocked to FX55 level. The stock frequency for this processor is 2.4
Ghz.  The temps are fine, low even, if accurate.  I have a San Diego core
4000+ and run it at 2.7 Ghz at standard voltage with a large silent Zalman
cooler which is FX57 speed. My idle temps are 49C and 50-55 under max load.
Ambient room is 23. This system has run 24/7 at these clocks since I put it
together 19 months ago.

Re: AMD Athlon 4000+ overclock help

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    It's a good idea to check the thermal specs for your cpu at

(use one of the cpu identification utilities with your processor serial
number to identify the exact model), and stay a healthy margin below the Max
Case Temp listed for it.  So if it says, say, 65C Max, never go over 60C.


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