AMD 64 3200+ (Venice Core)

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I recently acquired an MSI K8N Neo 2 board.  As I have another couple of
PCs, I don't want to spend a fortune on a new CPU.  I am thinking of buying
an AMD 64 3200+ (Venice).   I understand that this chip is extremely

 Is this a wise decision in terms of bang for buck?


Re: AMD 64 3200+ (Venice Core)

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It's a decent cpu but I would stretch at least as far as the 3500+ if it
were me and overclock that.  The chip is overclockable but I don't know how
much support your motherboard will give it.

Re: AMD 64 3200+ (Venice Core)

I am having trouble OC'n my K8N Neo2 much beyond 230 at first...then started
getting HD corruption and had to back it off to SATA RAID corrution
became so bad I had to reformat,am running stock FSB now. glad I bought a
3700 San Diego core. I am thinking of ditching this and my X800 in favour of
the Neo4 and dual 6800's. I had tried the OC'n with Corsair TwinX
PC3200-1024C2PT..changed it to OCZ system was more stable
with OCZ..but the overclocking on this board just doesn't seem to be is also the F model not the platinum

Re: AMD 64 3200+ (Venice Core)

Did you change HT speed?

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Re: AMD 64 3200+ (Venice Core)

yep tried all..soon as I went beyond 218 started knocking it down..yeven now
with stock and Ram set to 433 I have it at 4..tried all ranges for the ram
too..166 right up tpo 250

Re: AMD 64 3200+ (Venice Core)

What kind of voltages are you trying?

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Re: AMD 64 3200+ (Venice Core)

stock voltages right up to the rated 2.8 the ram can handle..have uped
V-core to 1.5. But now I have a failing HD, that may have been my issue all
along. New drive is coming from Maxtor so after I get it..redo my array and
reformat(yehaw)...then starrt all over again.

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