AMD 3700+ vs 4000+ San Deigo core

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Seems these chips are exactly the same, both featuring the .09 micron
build, 1mb L2 catch, improved memory controller.  Only diffrence being the
3700 is 200mhz slower, and 120$ cheaper.  And if the chips are identical
in build, then obviously you can OC the lesser to the same lvl as the more
expensive one.

Anybody disagree?  Cause I think at this point Id rather get the 3700+ and
with the money I save use it to build a good water cooling system and thus
beat out the 4000+ with a stock air cooling system, and I belive they both
get the same lvl OCing anyways.

Also the 4000+ is the same as the 800$ FX-55, same senario just 200mhz
slower and it has a locked multiplier.

I plan on OCing to about 2.8 - 3.0 Ghz, and probably upgrading to DDR600
Ram for more OCing options.

Re: AMD 3700+ vs 4000+ San Deigo core

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I have my 3700+ San Diego OC'd to 2.64 Ghz with Retail HSF @ 1.4V on an ASUS
A8V Deluxe. It runs very stable. I haven't tried to go any higher yet. I've
been running this chip since May.

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