AMD 3700 64 Hanging problem?

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Hello folks,

I have a problem with my athlon 64bit 3700 processor. Every time I try
to install Windows XP Pro 32bit on to my new custom built PC. Windows
hangs during 'setup is now going to install files. This will take
several minutes'

The LED on my PC and EIDE 52x cd rom LED just suddenly goes dead. I
tried to install Linux Debian and still the problem persist while linux
is trying to install file on to my hard drive. The LED light just simply
goes dead?

My computer specifications are:

LanParty nf4 ultra D.
AMD Athlon 64 3700
512 mb DRR 400mhz
3 EIDE HD / CD ROM / DVD / floppy
Gforce 6800 ultra PCI express.

I did notice my PC is quite warm and my bios is set to shut off cpu at
70'C / 155f. I even tried to disabling the option to see if this help
but no luck.

Could mean I need an extra fan to cool the pc as I have only got one fan
for the CPU or it could be my hard drive is the real bottleneck. Might
need to get an SATA HD. Can you get a SATA CD ROM / DVD RW these days?

I just don't know what is causing this.

Any advice would be helpful.



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