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I currently can't alt tab out of any games, such as WoW, BF2, etc. If I hit
the alt-tab, the game just hangs until I alt-tab back. I don't actually get
to see the desktop.

Any suggestions?

Re: Alt tab problem

Used to work just fine. Not sure what has changed this. I've tried disabling
almost every service I can think of. Running 2 gigs of ram on a X2 4400

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Re: Alt tab problem

Barf skrev:
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reinstall latest dx?

i had problems like this after i installed ms alt-tab shell extension
(powertoys), problem
gone after uninstall...

(test: instead of alt-tab in the game, hit ctrl-alt-del and select run, and type


Re: Alt tab problem

CoCo wrote in message ...
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(powertoys), problem
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type "explorer")
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it's probably just because you don't enough ram. BF2 requires a shit load of
ram, your pc probably hasn't hung, it's probably just churning

Re: Alt tab problem

I've had the exact same problem! Alt+Tab from BF2 resulted in:
Me seeing the windows without the fonts...

After updating drivers & stuff & fooling around with the settings.
b.t.w. No lockups for my mouse... it was still

Try changing your desktop refreshrate to a higher setting than your BF2

Worked 4 me!

Greetz Speedie69

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