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I have an XP 3200+ running on an 8KRA2+ and it runs San Andreas smoothly
(after a reformat), everything else was fine.
do I upgrade or will I hang on for a while.  I have a winfast 6800 128MB so
graphics doesn't seem to be an issue.
an upgrade will mean memory, graphics card, motherboard, HSF and chip.
is this expense really necessary if it runs fine now.
There seems to be no real need for 64 bit processors as there isn't much
software to take advantage of the power.


Re: Advice on upgrading

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So, what's the question? :-)

Re: Advice on upgrading

Gary C wrote:
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"How do I talk myself into upgrading ?" ?


"buy this, it make you strong, you get all money, women beg you to sleep
with them..."

Re: Advice on upgrading

I would not upgrade if your games are running fine.
Better safe your money for when it's needed :)

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Re: Advice on upgrading

try battlefield 2
different story there.

similar setup and I can't even run at medium graphics... 1280x1024 - best I
can do is medium everything - low textures - but is very playable. Some
stuff looks strange though - sandbags look more like glossy wood. But
framerates average at about 50. bump up textures to medium - 20 or so - too
choppy to play.

I have a shuttle and I really love the sff so I will keep. Don't have money
for another one, and I don't like the look of the newer models. SN45G is
nice and simple.

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