Advice on power supply desired

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First off I have to order a power supply in the next few days.  I need
advice on what to order.  Price is a concern, but I am willing to spend up
to $200 shipping and tax included, if there is shipping or tax.

I am looking at this supply, #

The Enermax Noisetaker AX 2.0.  It offers excellent specs, even the ripple
on the 12V #1 rail is very low so that the CPU/RAM get a clean source for
better overclocking etc.

My system specs will be these:

Asus A8V (later on I may end up getting a SLI motherboard)

1 up to 2 Gig (2 to 4 sticks of RAM) in Dual Channel mode.  Possibly either
Patriot or OCZ TCCD RAM

A Sapphire 9600 Pro vid card (will be a better card later on obviously)

Up to 6 hard drives (Important to me) 4 in SATA two in PATA.

1 DVD Burner

1 CD Burner

Several fans, 1 CPU, 3 to 5 Case fans run at lower speeds via fan control
for quietness but improved air flow (1 top blow hole, 1 or 2 rear, 1 facing
CPU/Video card(s) 1 to 2 in front of case, depending upon the case, I want
to keep the hard drives cool, they get hot).

2 Cold Cathode lamps (I have them, so I might as well use them).

Added Sound Card with Live! Drive.

Case will be a full tower until I build my "hand made from scratch case" in
a year or so.

So...  I want a Power Supply that will support a high performance AGP video
card for now, but will support a PCI Express SLI setup later, and all of
the above specs.  I have calculated that it would be best to get a good
strong 600Watter at least, since I will be eventually running a lot of hard
drives as I accumulate them.

If there is a case comperable to this Enermax case for a lower price let me
know, and no matter what, I'd love some opinions on what cases you all
like, where to get them, and what *you* use.

Re: Advice on power supply desired

On Mon, 14 Mar 2005 12:09:01 GMT, signmeuptoo

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Very nice p/s m8 and ready for PCIX 12V with 2 6-pin plugs for video
cards in SLI

In my Asus SLI rig. Metallic blue :) and works with no problems

Re: Advice on power supply desired

signmeuptoo wrote:

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One of the best power supplies that I have ever come across if from a
company named PC POWER AND COOLING. They've got rock solid products and I
use them where ever I can, even in my own personal equipment.

It'd be good to have a look.


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Re: Advice on power supply desired

I agree.But only if you have the extra cash.
PC Power&Cooling stuff ain't cheap.

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