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I'm looking for some advice on a new system.  Something that will give
me a good bang for the buck when overclocking.

My previous systems have been Intel 300A@504 on BH6 (still runs 24/7 as
router fileserver), and an amd 2500+ running 3200+ on an ASUS A7N8X
deluxe 2.0.

I wasn't planning on upgrading yet, but the motherboard died due to a
faulty psu, so i need a new system quick.  I fear 1 day is not going to
be enough to get uptodate on all the hardware, since i haven't been
following developments since my last system purchase.

So what would today be considered the stuff to get if you want cheap
performance?  A good high quality board that will allow me to take a
cheap cpu to the max it can do, and leaving room for upgrades if that
should be needed in the future.

Also I don't care if it's intel or amd, no real preference.

Thank you for any tips given, in the meantime i'll be browsing for
sollutions myself.


Re: Advice needed

On Sun, 03 Sep 2006 18:21:55 +0200, kamisama wrote:

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AMD AM2 Athlon 64 X2 3800+ would probably be best bang for the buck, or
Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 if you want Intel.

AS for a MB for the AMD, I chose the Gigabyte M55Plus-S3G. I needed 4 PCI
slots, but this board also has firewire, 2 1x and 1 16x PCIe slots, and
the onboard video works fine for me using MythTV for HDTV. I couldn't find
an Intel board that even met my needs.

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Re: Advice needed

Wes Newell wrote:

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Processor power is dropping in price.  If you can hold off for a few
weeks, Intel Conroe processors will likely drop in price again.  A Core
2 Duo processor for under $200 will provide some serious power and be
very capable of being a long-term solution.

Another reason to wait a little bit is to let the Intel MB chipset
mature a little.

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