Abit KW7 does not see amd xp3200

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Subject: Abit KW7 does recognize amd xp 3200

 I updated the bios that came with this board using the abit flash
utility, and it "said" update was successful, this after my first
attempt at installing
 the amd 3200 333. Bios says "unknown cpu processor" gives it a speed
of 1875GHz instead of 2.2, I installed two different amd xp 3000 333
cpu's, and the MB had no problem in reporting the proper cpu and GHz
speed. reinstalled the 3200 333 and got the same bad read. Is it
possible that the bios is currupt or maybe I've been doing this to long
and have become corrupt myself. Cannot access multiplyer in bios. TIA
for any insight anyone may have as to this problem.


Re: Abit KW7 does not see amd xp3200

I'm guessing that your CPU is supposed to be running at 200MHz FSB
instead of 166.  If you check the math, that would explain the
difference in core speed...


If your RAM is capable, just push your FSB up to 200MHz and problem solved.

I did a little looking, and from what I saw, there is no 3200 that runs
at 166 MHZ FSB.  Check it out here. The highest is a 3000+.


or more specifically...



Septic wrote:
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Re: Abit KW7 does not see amd xp3200

thanks Dylan for your help.

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