Abit Av8 & A64 3400+ overclock troubles

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Hi all.  I'm trying to get this Abit AV8 and A64 3400+ combination to
rise to a respectable overclock without errors in Prime95 and having a
very hard time doing so.  I'm assuming the 3400+ chip is NewCastle core
and rated for 2.2Ghz; the die is stamped with ADA3400DEP4AZ and an XPMW
4-letter code.  I've got a Zalman AlCu cooler with a fan than can only
reach 2400RPM.  The heat reaches an incredible 80C on some CPU
voltage/bus combinations (during Prime95).  Also, I've recently flashed
the AV8's bios to the new version 24.

It looks like keeping the multiplier at 11 isn't the way to go and I'm
having some luck at 10.5 and 2289Mhz (but I really think I could do
better).  I'm aiming to be milder at my CPU voltage bumps and this is
definitely helping the heat problem w/o sacrificing stability.

Given that I'm a OC noob, I'm hoping that someone has some insight into
this CPU/mobo combination or can offer some general hints.  Anything
pertaining to LDT speed and HTT multiplier would help too.


Re: Abit Av8 & A64 3400+ overclock troubles

Newcastle's (130nm core)generally do not o/c as well as Winchester(90 nm
core), which do not o/c as well as Venice(90nm with improved memory
controller and extra tweaks)

Myself have Winchester at 9x270 for 2430 MHz at 1.575V.Have Corsair XMS
PC3200 memory running on the 333 divider (in BIOS)so effectively  it's
running at 333/400'ths of 270 MHz which works out at 225 ish MHz.This is at
Cas2.5(won't run at 2.0) and 1T command rate.This keeps memory close to 200
I have dropped the LDT multi to 4x.The LDT bus is designed to run at
1GHz(5x200), so once you o/c the fsb you are effectively o/c ing the LDT.You
need to keep any LDT combo around the 1000 mark otherwise it often won't
post.Mine is 4x270= 1080.The LDT  does not have much effect on overall
performance anyway, unless you run a 1x LDT multi and even then it is
minimal(5 or 10% performance drop).I could run 2x on the LDT with no
measureable difference.
Do not use the 3x multi on the LDT as Via( or could be just AV8, not sure)
boards don't like it( use 2x or 4x).

Not sure on Newcastle's, so i think 2290 is probably around your limit.I
would definitely reseat your heatsink.80 C is a bit much.
Try a 9x multi with more fsb.I'm assuming you have PC3200 memory.This will
help a good deal.
Be aware that Newcastles run at 1.5V standard, whereas Winnies run 1.4V(ie
less heat produced).I think around 1.65V should be your maximum, but watch
the temps.
BTW did a search at AMD webby and your chip ADA3400DEP4AZ  is not listed?

Abit AV8 Third Eye v1.1, A64 3200+ at 2430(9x270),1.575V CPU
DIY watercool
Radeon Sapphire 9700

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Re: Abit Av8 & A64 3400+ overclock troubles

Thanks.  I'm getting 2400Mhz after putting my memory to DDR333 and
relaxing the memory timings.  My memory is PC3200 but not the highest
quality. Its reaching as high as 82C during Prime95 but its stable for
12 hours before I ended the test.  I agree I need to do something about
the heat and will probably re-seat.  Watching the speedfan monitor, the
temp drops immediately as soon as the load is lifted, so its hard to
believe that the HSF isn't seated well enough, but I'll take a look at

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