A8V DeLuxe (4800+ @ PR5009)

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A8V DeLuxe Bios Settings (AMD4800+)
SiSoft Sandra Processor Performance Rating: PR5009 (estimated)

Hypertransport     1000
- HT Data               16
- HT Data               16

Memory Configuration
Memlock                   Limit
Memlock to CPU      5:3 (333)
Hw Memory hole       disabled
Burst Lenght              8 beats
- All the Rest              auto

ECC                         disabled
Cool & Quiet            enabled

PCI/PnP Settings
Plug and Play O/S       Yes
PCI Latency timer        64

Config System Frequency/Voltage
AI Overclocking                   Manual
CPU FSB Frequency           232 MHz
AGP/PCI Frequency            66,66/33,33
DDR Voltage                        2,7
AGP  Voltage                       1,5
V-Link Voltage                     2,5

Power-Hardware Monitor
- CPU Q-Fan                  enabled 11/16
- Chassis Q-Fan              enabled 11/16

I use bios 1018.001
I run on this board w 4800x2 and XP pro.
When I put 4x1GB in the slots, i can't post
because of this warning:
"USB Device over current status Detected!
  System will shutdown over 15 seconds"
And indeed it schuts off, so I can't go in the
bios to alter the settings with this ram amount.

When I put 2x1024 in 1 and 3, and 2x512 in
2 and 4, then I got 3GB of ram, and it works
normally tested with DDR400@3-3-3-8 CR2

(10-1 pin FP_AUDIO)
Don't forget to have the 2 jumpers on the
audioconnector on the mainboard if you
don't use a frontpanel audio connection.
This can be a source of instability.

Overclocking or not, this learns a lot (Dutch):

If you get blue screens with:
"Driver IRQL not Less or Equal" then there is a patch

Re: A8V DeLuxe (4800+ @ PR5009)

M.A.Rauder wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

To fix the "USB Device over current" problem, use an earlier
BIOS if possible. And report the problem to Asus. You do not
need to tell them what OS you are using, and the fewer unnecessary
details, the more likely they will take the report seriously.
At the very least, do not use the word "Vista" anywhere in
your report to Asus Tech Support.



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