A64 4000+

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Just put together my new system I've been saving for. It's a A64 4000+
1Mb(San Diego) with the Zalman CNPS7700 on an Asus A8N-E with 2 gig PC3200,
twin SATA 36 gig Raptors and a 300gig SATADiamond Max and an Evga 7800GTX .
After installing XP, I set the FSB at 234Mhz, locked down the PCI bus and
memory, and a 100% stable 2.8Hhz, no HTT mod, no overvolting. 31C at idle
and 36C under full load. I've let it burn in for 12-14 hours looping
3DMark05 demo. I'm impressed beyond belief. Basically I get an FX-57 for the
price of a 4000+. The speed difference from this rig from my Barton 3200/ 1
gig dual channel/ 9800 Pro is beyond vast. Wow.

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