8kra2+ wont boot

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I cant get my mobo to boot unless I set BIOS to check CD first and boot from
HDD second.  Ignore the cd prompt to boot and the HDD works fine if not then
it just wont boot.

Re: 8kra2+ wont boot

On Thu, 11 Aug 2005 21:07:21 +0100, RJAG wrote:

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If I undestand whwt you are saying I'd guess your HD drive is a little
slow on startup. If there isn't an option to set a delay time in the bios,
then set the floppy as first and/or enable floppy seek on boot. That
should allow enough time for the HD drive to sync. I ran into this a long
time ago on some older Seagate drives.

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Re: 8kra2+ wont boot

yeah Wes (long time since I had to get some of your fine advice). It would
appear at first my problems was with CD that weren't as fast as the mobo,
only when it was cold did it boot off CD.  now after a BIOS clear at the
weekend it wont find the harddrive unless I use the boot from cd option
this system has been running for over 18 months now and the only thing
different was re-installing a couple of case fans due to temp rises
If the Mobo battery was on its way out would this make things worse.
I had it  running and booting fine on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, then on
Wednesday I had to do an XP repair installation to get it to work.Now it
wont boot unless I use the cd option. if I changed the UDMA/PIO settings in
the BIOS would this help?
I'm totally lost for the time being.


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