3d mark results.

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Is there an issue with HTT on Gigabyte K8n-SLI.  On a system with an Opty
144 running at 2.5GHz(1x HTT) i get 6000+, with an FX55 at 2.6GHz and full
HTT (5x) I get 5022 marks.  Last night I switched the HTT to 1x with the
FX55 and hey presto 5800+.  I then tried overclocking and had it safely at
2.7GHz and overclocked the HD2900XT to 840/890 and finally got it to 6022
marks.  It's still not as high as the 144 but it makes me wonder what's
wrong with the Gigabyte.
I dont want to upgrade the board as my next upgrade will probably be Intel
core2 or quad and that'll be a biggy.



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