3800 x2 overclock recomanded settings

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I have this cpu running at 2500mhz from 2000.  I think under load it reset
the computer. Defual voltage.  Seem like nice speed since high end cpus
don't run that fast.

What is resanable to set the voltage at and high speeds?

Re: 3800 x2 overclock recomanded settings

mark wrote:
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You need to increase the voltage until it stabilizes or until it gets
too hot.  Stable voltage varies from CPU to CPU and temperature varies
greatly from PC to PC.  Of course there is a maximum voltage, but it
will probably overheat before you get the voltage that high.

For 2500MHz, increasing the voltage one or two increments should do the

-Dylan C

Re: 3800 x2 overclock recomanded settings

What about mem timeing. The memory I have has spec for 2 3 2 6 T1
but my Asus A8N-SLI has a bunch of mem  settings.

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Re: 3800 x2 overclock recomanded settings

mark wrote:
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Need some more info for good advice.  Like what speed is your memory?
ie PC3200, PC3500, etc.  What is the FSB of the system?  I'm guessing
from memory timings that this is a Socket 939/DDR system, not AM2/DDR2.
  What brand is the memory?

Until I get some more details, I'll make some assumptions.  First, I'll
assume that your front side bus is set to 250MHz and your memory is
rated less than 250MHz, probably 200MHz.

That done, there are two ways to handle memory in an overclocked system.
  The first is to overclock the memory to the same FSB as the cpu.  This
will involve upping the DDR voltage and relaxing your timings to 3-4-3
or somethings.  If your memory is less-than-perfect I would guess that
250MHz is beyond reach.  But to be honest, I've never overclocked memory
and am just guessing here.  I prefer the second approach.

A far easier and likely better method is to drop the speed of the memory
with a memory divider.  I've seen this listed in two ways.  THe first is
a straightforward ratio of 6/6, 5/6, etc.  THis will calculate your
memory FSB based on, for example, 5/6 of your CPU FSB.  In your case it
would be 250 x 5/6 = 208MHz...much easier than 250.  The other way I
have seen it involves memory speeds to represent memory dividers.  For
example, my Abit AV8 has an option to set the memory speed as DDR-333.
This does not lock the memory at 166MHz, but instead uses the 5/6 memory
divider discussed earlier.

Also, your HT Multiplier should be dropped from 5x to 4x anytime your
FSB speeds get significantly over 200MHz.

-Dylan C

Re: 3800 x2 overclock recomanded settings

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There's lots you haven't said here.
Have you been running Memtest86 ?
What is HTT set to (*4 is my recommendation).
MY FSB runs at 260 on my A8N-SLi.
I had to run my DDR400 memory at DDR333 (5/6) which gave DDR430.
At what speed/settings did Memtest86 start to fail ?

Have you installed Asus Probe and/or Speedfan ?
Have you installed Prime95 ?
How does your Core temperature behave under load ?

Start adjusting the voltage when you know a lot more about your


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