200MHz price difference

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At a computer hardware website (ZipZoomFly.com);
While checking out prices for an Athlon 64.  I noticed a major price
increase for each 200MHz increment in clock speed.

AMD Athlon 64 (Venice) Socket 939 Retail w/ heat sink and fan :

3000+ 1.8GHz $139
3200+ 2.0GHz $152 <= more inclined
3500+ 2.2GHz $201
3800+ 2.4GHz $283

I don't know.  I'm kind of cheap with my money.
I don't think $144 for 600MHz  in clock speed difference is worth it.

If you'll remeber?  I'm just upgrading from a Athlon 1700+ 1.47GHz (Abit
KR7A - 266 )

Besides,  I can use the money saved to get more RAM or a larger hard drive.

Re: 200MHz price difference

That price curve is pretty typical for processors, all
else being the same
except the clock speed.  You
pretty much indicated the "sweet spot" price
point-wise.  Those out
there going for the top of the line pay for it, and it is
justified when you REALLY work your processor, i.e., computer
modeling and
such, and time is money.  The more expensive chip will
pay for itself then.  Now
some may justify the faster processor for
games and such, but for most of us out
here that have to stretch
thier $$, the extra ram may be a better buy.

Re: 200MHz price difference

RDN wrote:
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Check out Newegg.com also. They usually have very good prices. I cant
see spending the $144 either, especially since your going from an Athlon
1700 to a 64 bit Athlon. Should be a large kick in the horsepower.

Re: 200MHz price difference

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Yeah,  like moving from a Toyota Corolla to a Dodge Viper.

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