200 or 400Mhz?

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I have a question about FSB.  Memory manufacturers are marking memory which
is DDR PC3200 running @ 400Mhz.  Shouldn't that be 200Mhz and 400FSB?

From what I understand, DDR gets twice the amount of data in one clock cycle
compare to SDRAM.

Re: 200 or 400Mhz?

FSB - Front Side Bus, not memory
Real clock for PC3200 - 200Mhz, DDR gives double transfer rate - 400Mhz

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Re: 200 or 400Mhz?

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for DDR:

PC1600 = 100/200 mhz
PC2100 = 133/266 mhz
PC2700 = 166/333 mhz
PC3200 = 200/400 mhz

the PC3200 bit means maximum theoretical bandwidth, that is, a stick of ram
running at 400mhz can transfer 3200 meg bytes of data per second, hence the
pc number

to identify ram, look for mainly the PC number, and confirm with the mhz

Re: 200 or 400Mhz?

On Mon, 18 Jul 2005 15:12:43 -0400, chris wrote:

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It should be 200MHz. It has nothing to do with the FSB as ram has it's own
bus. The 400MHz is bogus marketing BS. The true bandwidth is right in the
PC3200 number. 64bits x 200MHz x2 (ddr)= 25600Mbps / 8= 3200MBps. You will
see many people that will argue that using 400Mhz is correct, but that's
just BS from people that really don't understand the data rates (400Mbps
per line) can't magically be changed to MHz just because it looks good.
Would you call a 56Kbps modem a 56KHz modem? No. Same thing applies.

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And you understand it correctly.

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