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How do I create a zero width space that will force my long spaceless
string to wrap?

Thanks, - Dave

Re: zero width spaces

laredotornado wrote:

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Google is your friend.

among many other results for:

   -Motorcycles defy gravity; cars just suck

Re: zero width spaces

Scripsit laredotornado:

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You're implying a wrong solution. Well, the theoretically correct
solution, but it does not work, whereas the <wbr> tag works, no matter
how incorrect it might be in theory. (There's nothing wrong with it
except that it is not defined in any specification and has a poorly
chosen name.)

On the other hand, the best approach is most probably to stop creating
the problem. Where did you get the long spaceless string from and which
army forced you to insert it onto a web page?

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Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

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