yet more animated gifs in rollover on netscape problems

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I was wondering if someone can definitively sort out this issue and finally
lay it to rest.
Is it really possible to easily allow animated gifs used in a rollover image
swap link to play out fully in netscape/mozilla?
My problem is a common one that has been posted in this group and others on
numerous occasions, namely that when the mouse rolls onto the link the image
swaps to the animated gif but only the last frame is displayed i.e. the
animation doesn't play.
The newsgroups say this is caused by netscape playing the animation whilst
loading the page, then refusing to play it again.
The  main suggestions to work around this are;-
1) set the animation to loop continuously when creating it.
2) don't set the rollover to have the images preloaded
3) resize either the original static image or the animation to be swapped by
1 pixel so the 2 images are no longer the same size, but leave the HTML to
display them the same size (suggestions here are confused with some posts
suggesting one or the other and also saying they've heard this somewhere but
have not actually tried it!)
4) add 'return equals false after the event'! (I don't know what this means)
I've tried these suggestions, with the exception of 4, but they don't work.
BTW I created the rollovers using dreamweaver6 if this is relevant.
Can anyone help?. Thanks folks.

Re: yet more animated gifs in rollover on netscape problems

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it
1) does work. The animation will play if its set to loop indefinitely.
But is it possible to get to get the gif to play once each time the mouse
rolls over it??

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