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I use the yahoo site builder to make my webpages (Its free, puls I got DSL
thru SBC who owns yahoo), but they all have a box that says "This file is
not intended to be viewed directly using a web browser. To create a viewable
file, use the Preview in Browser or Publish to Yahoo! Web Hosting commands
from within Yahoo! SiteBuilder." And when I go to publish my site with the
web hosting, yahoo wont do it unless I pay them for a site, which I dont
understand, (I give them enough money as it is) espically since I am using
geocites (which yahoo owns). Is there another way of publishing the site
without having to buy web space?

If this isnt making any sense, email me and I will give you my website so
you can see for yourself and hopefully make heads or tails of what I am
talking about, since I am having a hard time explaining this.


Re: Yahoo Sitebuilder Question...

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The price of your very own web site is, these days, less than the price of a
quiet dinner for two down at the pub. Spend the money.

Go over to for some examples.


Re: Yahoo Sitebuilder Question... wrote:
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I'm guessing it's something other than jpg, gif or html file?

I'm also guessing that yahoo doesnt want you using their bandwidth to
create a download site. its not bad or wrong, just yahoo dont like it.
host it at where it's very cheap :)

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Re: Yahoo Sitebuilder Question...

All the below is strictly my opinions:

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My bit of advice, in terms of Yahoo and SBC thoughts is - if wishing
to have a freebie GeoCities site then sign out a Yahoo profile [do not
associate this to your SBC account for "ease" in any way shape or
form] then, once signing out a Yahoo ID click to activate the free
webspace allotted on GeoCities for that ID name.

Why do I advise to *not* associate a Yahoo ID name to the SBC account?
Because the Yahoo ID name and GeoCities site space is free - with or
without a SBC ISP account; _but_ if you decide to change ISPs, but
want to keep your freebie Yahoo stuff [ID & profile plus any free side
perks offered or used by that ID within Yahoo's network: geocities
space already set up and being promoted somehow, free level breifcase,
free mail account, created or joined any Yahoo Groups using that
particular ID name, et al] then you have to pay a monthly fee to SBC
to "keep those Yahoo freebies" functioning -- which I think runs
around $9 or so a month.

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Don't use the SiteBuilder editor or the other online ones offered by
GeoCities. Granted they may share some ease but also easily the most
garbled html document also that can be MORE confusing to someone
knowing little to no HTML than if that same person started to learn
some HTML from scratch.

Heck, regardless of what HTML editor you use - provided by a site
hosting service or one you buy or downloaded - learn some HTML to help
you understand better what the program is doing or what is not needed
[the editor just getting carried away type thing]. This way, when
someone points out an HTML - you also have a little better idea than
"uhm, I just clicked an icon and that's what the editor put in ..."

Use their basic generic "Advance Editor" offered - it is plain field
for you to type or cut and paste the content into so you will need to
add any HTML manually ... but far less headaches than the other
editors have given folks.

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Read above where I shared how you can get a freebie GeoCities account
without paying - regardless if you stay with SBC for years or not.


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