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Hi all,

I am trying to use the order-by function in a xsl transformation but I
got the error message :

the attribute 'order-by' is not valid on 'xsl:value-of'.

my code is as below :

<xsl:for-each select="ResourceLog/Tester/DateStamp/TimeStamp/Process">
    <xsl:variable name="Size"><xsl:value-of select="MemUsage"

select="$Size div 1024"/> Mb</li>

and my xmlns declaration : <xsl:stylesheet version="1.0"
xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform ">

aparently, when I am using : <xsl:stylesheet
xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3.org/TR/WD-xsl "> it works fine ( but I cannot
use variables)

Any idea???

thanks a lot

Re: xslt order by

nkammah@yahoo.fr wrote:

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Use <xsl:sort> instead

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That's an enormously obsolete early version of XSL, so old that it was
XSL rather than XSLT
http://www.w3.org/TR/1999/WD-xsl-19990421 /
XSL began as one TR that encompassed both XSLT and XSL:FO.  The "XSLT"
part was also quite crude and a lot different to what it is now.  Don't
use anything resembling this ancient old version.

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